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Use Kava Kava Powder to Beat Stress!

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Stress Relief with Kava

"We drive to work in the morning in horn-honking heavy traffic. Our work involves difficult bosses, deadlines, phone calls to return, and projects to complete. We have the traffic again on the way back home, dinner to prepare, active children to keep under control, feed, an nurture, bills to pay, and a home and garden to maintain...

Kava, if used appropriately, could help us reduce stress in our lives, and it can even be used to prevent or decrease the amount of stress... we anticipate being exposed to." (quoted from Kava: the Miracle Antianxiety Herb, Dr. Ray Sahelian, 1998, pgs. 58-60)

I own a small business and I deal with the public all day.  As you can imagine, that can be very stressful on its own. But ... I have to be sharp to properly calculate chargeable details.  With Kava... I don't lose that "sharpness" and I do not make costly mistakes, but I get that relaxed feeling even with a line of customers waiting. 
Wendell Brown, CA

Kava Has Many Names

100% Pure Kavakava
Kava kava - Vanuatu
'Awa - Hawaii
Yaqona - Fiji
Piper Methysticum

Just as Kavakava has many names, kava also comes in many forms:

  • kava kava extracts

  • kava kava pills

  • kava kava tinctures

  • natural kava powder

It can all be so confusing! Kule'a Farm Kava Co. prepares kava kava in the same way as they do in the Polynesian Islands of the South Pacific. The kava is sun dried and powdered. It's that simple!

Relax with Kava!
Kava is widely used to ease stress. Taken in sufficient quantities kava imparts a tingling feeling to the mouth and tongue. It induces a "clear minded state in which the drinker cannot be annoyed".

Although kava is nonalcoholic it does induce a sense of well-being, but not the unpleasant side effects of a hangover.

Kava has been a popular beverage with Pacific Islanders in traditional kava ceremonies for the past 3000 years. Kava kava is still used in many cultural ceremonies but also as a beverage at days end when friends want to gather and relax.

Subtle Properties
"Where kava is consumed today in the Pacific, it is typically drunk at dusk, usually before the evening meal because a full stomach can hinder appreciation of the plant's normally subtle properties.

Infused kava is never kept for long; Islanders prepare kava for immediate consumption. After drinking, people eat small amounts of food because kava tends to reduce appetite and because overeating may induce nausea." (Kava: the Pacific Drug. pgs. 103-104;Vincent Lebot, Yale University Press.)


Kava Relaxes

According to Chris Kilham's book 'KAVA, Medicine Hunting in Paradise' (1996, Park Street Press, pgs.. 103 - 104) "It numbs the tongue and throat when drunk in its traditional form or when taken orally as a liquid extract. Kava is first-rate at producing a state of calm, and promoting sleep if taken in sufficient quantity."

Thoughts Come Clearly
"Your head is affected most pleasantly.Thoughts come clearly. You feel friendly; not beer sentimental; never cross. The world gains no new color or rose tint; it fits its pieces and is one (easily understandable) whole. You cannot hate with kava in you, and so it is used in making up of quarrels, and in peace-making."(Tom Harrison in his 1937 book "Savage Civilization" as requoted in the Japan Times, June 22, 1996)

In this age of daily stress and turmoil why not discover for yourself what the Pacific Islanders have known for ages, KAVA. A natural, unadulterated, non-synthesized product of nature grown on the tropical soils of the Pacific Islands.

Kulea Farm Company LLC

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