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Kava Recipes

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How to Make Kava

Place approximately 3 to 6 rounded tablespoons of kava (more or less depending on your preference) in a filter cloth and immerse in one quart of room temperature water; there is no need to either heat or chill the water. We recommend using a filter cloth such as our Authentic Fiji Strainer Bag; other fabrics that work well are pantyhose, paint strainer bags, cloth tea bags, etc.

For at least 1 -2 minutes massage the cloth to thoroughly extract the fine wet powder into the water while retaining the coarse left-overs in the bag; for stronger flavor massage longer. You need to really squeeze and work the kava kava while it is in the strainer bag, not just let it soak like a bag of tea! At the end of this process wring out the cloth (and coarse left-overs) of any excess water and the kava is ready to drink.

For a kava party use about 4 to 5 oz. of kava powder to 1 gal. of water and follow instructions above. This is the way kava is prepared throughout the Polynesian islands of the South Pacific. Learn to enjoy the unique flavor of kava.

Kava is not soluble in water therefore you try to release as much fine powder as possible into the water and keep it suspended with frequent stirring. Drink and enjoy!


Other Kava Recipes


Like your ideas of sharing stories & recipes. Here is a short recipe. This will be for the people that like something QUICK & EASY!! Just add a few drops of vanilla extract to each cup of Kava made. It mellows the flavour. ....Enjoy....
K. Woodcock (Ontario, Canada)



Here's a Kava recipe I tried and liked: Take Kava powder and mix it through a strainer bag into milk, just like you do with water. Then, put this milk into your blender and add your favorite ice cream. You could add anything else you want, too. Mix it up and you have a Kava milk shake! It is very refreshing, especially if you use mint chocolate chip ice cream (my favorite kind). Hope you like it!
R. Nelson (Provo, UT)



Wish I had a neat recipe to contribute, but I've gotten to like the taste of Kava. Occasionally I'll use seltzer water for fizzy kava, but that's not particularly imaginative.
G. Crowley (Washington, DC)



A recipe I've been working on perfecting is spiced chai-style kava. I found straight kava to be a little strange, so I like to brew a pot of concentrated spiced-chai style kava to be mixed with the desired amount of hot milk, & sweetened with the desired amount of honey.

I just simmer a smallish pot of water with a double-load of kava, healthy measures of cloves, cinnamon, ground ginger, allspice, cardamom, and nutmeg. After it's brewed to the desired strength, I'll pour the mixture through the straining bag to filter out the solids, which leaves me with the brew that I can add any amount of hot milk I like.

The spice amounts to add will vary depending on how spicy people like their beverage. You can make large batches of the concentrate to refrigerate once your favorite measurements are established, to avoid doing the brewing process each time you want a cup. You can even froth your milk & make it a kava-latte! :) Hope you enjoy!
S. Mcgourty (Oakland, CA)



I mix about one half cup of kava with 32 oz of water and flavor it with just a touch of lemon flavored crystal light(it has to be lemon). The secret is to NOT make it taste like lemonade, but just to mask and add a hint of lemon to the natural kava taste.(approx. 1 tsp, and it has to be sugar free).
L. Mitchell (Gilbert, AZ)



This is the recipe for a 3 cup batch "Espresso" style brew... Warning: this may exceed the recommended daily FDA limitations, so drink with caution! For smoothest flavor, temperature of water is very important, hence the different temps. of water.

Anyways, here it is: Fill bowl with: 2 cups ice cold water, 1 cup room temperature water. Fill fine mesh strainer with: 6 heaping teaspoons of Kule'a Farm Kava powder, 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon powder. Dip strainer bag in water and be sure to agitate contents thoroughly for full dispersion of the magic Kava. ENJOY!
Brad (Santa Maria, CA)

Kulea Kava | 2014-10-08 12:35:02

Justin, I have heard of people trying this - with mixed results. Heat will destroy some of the active ingredients in kava (though not all) so most people don't prepare kava this way. Even though putting the kava powder into a cloth and then dipping it, and your hands, into the water seems a bit foreign - it really is one of the better ways to make kava.
Justin Bruce | 2014-08-04 06:21:34

Hello. I was curious about putting Kava root in a coffee percolator. Has anyone tried this? Thanks!
Ben C. | 2013-09-27 04:05:42

Kava n' Coconut milk Add kava to favorite coconut milk. I use Silk. Or half water half Coconut milk. Mmmmmm.....Kavoconut.
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